Wedding professionals

All discussions regarding staff attire and behavior should be addressed to the banquet manager, caterer, party planner or designer.


• Regardless of the venue, competent staff should always be present, but never prominent. • Unless costumes or special attire are to be provided, the more subdued the look, the better.

• For evening weddings, black is always appropriately unobtrusive. • For informal weddings, the options are limitless, sometimes including khaki or black trousers and a white shirt, a tailored T-shirt with matching trousers, or a white or black waiter's jacket with black trousers. • Because performers are so visible during the reception, any clothing or style preferences should be expressed to the music provider well in advance.


Possible Staff Members

• Floral and decorative designers

• Party planner and assistants

• Hairstylist and makeup artist

• Dressers and seamstress

• Security Guards

• Waiters

• Bartenders, buffet station attendants and chefs

• Master or mistress of ceremonies

• All performers, from the bandleader and the soloists to the musicians in the band or orchestra

• Mâitre d’, captain and co-captain

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